The last day of this YEAR 2018..!

At last this year is also over…. Well almost over would be the best term. Just a few hours to go and we will enter in a new year of our life amd i know, Everyone had their fair shares of memories and mistakes with themselves to take it to 2019.

And with me, the mistakes out weights everything. But i know this somewhere inside me that this year had taught me well that Whom to trust and on whom i can believe to fall back onto. This year was over the top emotional for me. This year taught me a few subjects of academic as well…😅😅. And then there are so many people that i am glad i met. I hope the next coming year will be a little bit better than this but we all know…. We knew nothing what the future have in store for us.



The First Entry. 22nd December 2018

It is my first blog and i really do not know what to and what not to write here. But if there is someone out reading my blog (which i hardy believe), i apologize in advance if something offends you but i am not writing this to get anything out of it and certainly belives that i am invisible here..!

I am VERY happy that at last after all these procastinating i have been doing the whole week, i actually moved up my ass to make a blog here. I am being a little bit proud of me here. It is not every day i take my foot out in this digital world. I don’t even know what is the importance of this blog that i am writing in. But i guess i will get to know once i start doing this on a regular basis.

So this is my VERY FIRST BLOG ever so let me start with introducing myself. I am not so comfortable to say my real name but i will go with the UNSOCIAL BUTTERFLY

There are things that i am afraid of, the things i face every single damn day. Afraid of things that are probably a regular for me, but still my heart beats in my ears if they happen. I am not really in a college but am taking a year off from college so what i do right know is, I take demonstrating classes of many subjects to really clear up my mind about where i want to stand in my life. Which way i should go in my career. I know it is dumb but for me it is a really great stress as i live in a well conservative Country and none the less a very more conservative family. At my home, nobody knows that i am dropping college for a year, (they think i am taking classes and to be honest i am really taking classes but of different subjects per month), and i feel like a asshole about it and trust me i really feel the greenish guilt covering me when at the end of the day my mom asks my “How my day was at college?”.

I know i am horrible but i really need to know if i want what i am taking cause i am going to have to place my career on the base and i need my base to be strong and steady and as well as entraining and fun. I want the enthusiasm to reek from my very core. So for that i am doing it.

And here we comes to the present, well for a whole week my classes has been suspended and i feel bored to the bone. So it is not much from the last seven days.

I guess that is enough for my first blog, i will save something for later…..!